What does waiting have to do with organizing?

1.      If you plan your waiting time well, it won’t be so frustrating.

2.      Nobody plans to wait, most people wait to plan (pithy aphorism, no?).

3.      The surprise of being forced to wait is part of what is so irritating about it.

4.      Waiting can’t be altogether eliminated; we all get stuck sometimes.

When you find yourself in a waiting situation, how can you survive calmly and without resentment?

1.      Acknowledge the reality, “Oh, we get to practice waiting.”

2.      Concentrate on keeping your voice quiet, well-modulated, and with a pleasant expression on your face

3.      If children are with you, play any number of equipment-free games (e.g. “I Spy,” “I’m Going on a Picnic and Bringing…” with each person adding one item and repeating all the items said before, mental math appropriate to the age, fingerplays)

4.      Say Tehillim

5.      Write postcards to friends and family just because, or as a friend of mine does, write postcards to unknown children in an orphanage in Israel

6.      Have a small handful of mail with you to sort or respond to

7.      Take turns listing things for which you are grateful

8.      Make a grocery list

9.      Plan for the next event, holiday, or meal

10.  Build flexibility into your schedule so that you won’t be unduly stressed while waiting

11.  Keep a ziplock bag of Cheerios in your purse just in case

12.  Use hand lotion

13.  Clean the contents of your purse

14.  Write a thank you note (keep blank ones in your purse just for this occasion) – did anyone do a favor for you? Give you a nice smile? Compliment you?

15.  Quiz each child on family facts (e.g. birth dates, all of cousins’ names, new married names)

16.  Do any of the 6 constant mitzvos (see book of the same name)

17.  Make a friend with any other line-buddy

18.  Think of a gemach to start

19.  Offer to help if the cause of the waiting is due to human limitations

20.  Notice what you hear, see, experience

21.  Organize coupons

22.  Clean inside of car with baby wipes (always keep a box of them in the car)

23.  Think of one nice thing you can do for each member of your family, or neighbor, or friend

24.  Think of one do-able way to improve one character trait

25.  Before doing any errand, make sure that your physical needs have been addressed

26.  Discard any non-working pens

27.  Balance your checkbook

28.  Put all change (other than quarters) into a tzedakah box

29.  Learn to knit or crochet

30.  Think of one person to whom you need to apologize

31.  Plan when/where/what to say to apology recipient

32.  Think of one person who would really like to hear from you

33.  Breathe slowly and calmly

34.  Pick one doable way to improve something in your home

Do you have a winning idea?


Devora Farrell, of This Organized, can be reached at 973 919-7761

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